How to stretch leather motorcycle gloves


If you are not careful enough, or not fortunate enough, there is a significant chance of you getting the leather motorcycle gloves that don’t fit into your hands correctly. It can be hard to return the misfit piece, sometimes even impossible. Then the only solution you have left is stretching them.

Now if your hand fits in the glove, but only just tight for you to move, you can stretch them a little. That might be enough for you to run your hands and fingers. If your hand does not fit into the motorcycle racing gloves, then you would not be able to stretch them enough.

Here is how you can do it:

The necessary things needed:

· Leather conditioner

· Soft cloth

· Some fresh and clean water

How to do it?

· Wear the gloves and move your hands inside them.

· Apply leather conditioner with the soft towel you have in hand.

· Keep wearing them until they dry.

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