how to clean leather motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

Your hands are best protected when you’re wearing the gloves for the safety. The leather is the strongest among the protective materials. Leather motorcycle gloves have high resistance among the cuts and abrasions, and their protective knuckles keep the hands safe from bone damage caused by impact.
Riding under the open sky, the thing that exists there most is the dust. Then there’s mud and water, sometimes rain that can make the outer of the gloves look quite nasty. You need to clean them properly if you want to wear them again and have them last longer. Cleaning the leather motorcycle gloves is simple, but still, you need to do it carefully.
Remove the dust with some dry cloth as much as possible. If the gloves have water stains, ensure that you clean the stain outlines first or they will stay the way as they are even after washing.
You need a sponge or a soft cloth. You need to make sure, if you use fabric, that it is entirely clean or it will damage the leather further. Damp it with water mixed with leather soap or mild baby soap and start wiping the leather gloves with it until all the stains are removed.
After cleaning your leather gloves, put them somewhere airy where the sun or the rain can’t drop on the gloves. Rain and sun both can cause the leather to get stiff and then crack it. Let them dry overnight.
Additional step:
Applying the leather conditioner after cleaning your gloves will give them a new shine, and they will look just like new.

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