how should leather moto gloves fit

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

When a motorcyclist is riding in extreme speeds, accidents are likely to happen. That can lead to lethal circumstances. In 90% of all the crashes, hands are most likely to get injured. To prevent that, always wearing leather moto gloves is a must thing to do before you go on a race or a simple street ride.

A pair of gloves has to be the perfect fit for the hands of the rider to keep the hands perfectly safe. Too tight will make the skin suffocate and cause the blood circulation hard and too loose gloves will fail to settle the glove armor in the place, and there is also a risk of getting off during sliding.

Gender also needs to be kept in mind before getting your gloves as men have thick hands whereas women tend to have the long fingers and thin and less fleshy hands.

To see if the size fits you, you need to wear the gloves and hold the motorbikes handle in the way as you are riding the bike and move your hands as you need to move them during your ride.

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