how do you clean leather gloves

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

The leather is one of the most famous materials to produce human clothing. Leather gloves are used for safety, warmth, and sometimes even for fashion as they always look classy when you wear a pair. Like all other things, leather is vulnerable to dust and stains as well. So you’re your gloves can get dirty, and you need a proper way to clean them.

Care is needed:

However, where leather is sturdy against hardest objects like tarmac, it is very delicate against water and can get stiff and damaged as water can react with the oils keeping the leather smooth and after drying it can crack.

Clean with a cloth:

You can try cleaning your leather gloves with a soft cloth and sometimes it will work just fine if it’s only dust that you want to remove.

Trying leather soap/baby soap:

You need to mix leather soap in a considerable quantity in a bucket of water. You can also use mild baby soap as an alternative. Damp a sponge in it and start wiping the stains and the dust off your leather suit. Try to clean the entire area when doing it, or it might leave some water outlines on the surface of the leather.

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