can you wash leather gloves in a washing machine

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

Gloves are used for multiple purposes, which include safety, fashion and motor control accessories. To prolong their life and performance, you need to take good care of your leather gloves, or they will get dirty and crack and lose their shine, and they can go useless.

If you want your gloves to last longer, you need to clean them with a routine. Now throwing them into a washing machine is not a good idea. Leather, when makes contact with water, tend to shrink which would ultimately result in a size that will not fit you. Also, the look of the leather will be gone, and it will crack after drying.

The best way to clean/wash your leather gloves is to clean consists of these steps:

1: Take a tub/bucket of warm (not hot) water and pour some baby soap or some quantity of other mild soap.

2: Take a towel or soft cloth and slightly sink its corner into the bucket of water.

3: Start applying the solvent with cloth all over the leather. When it’s done, clean all the moisture with a dry cloth.

4: Leave it in an open place that is safe from sunlight or rain. Let it dry overnight.

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