BMW S1000 RR Motorcycle Leather Gloves


Motorcycle leather gloves come in various types, sizes and styles. One of the unfortunate things that happens to costumers frequently, is the gloves that do not fit. Sometimes gloves are too tight that you can’t move your hand inside them. It can stop skin breathing and make circulation difficult or even stop which can make hands numb during the ride. That situation will not only be annoying but it can lead to the greater risks.

When you have got a misfit pair of gloves, you can talk to your seller immediately and return. In case that’s not applicable, then you can do one thing which is stretching your gloves. If your hands fit inside the gloves, only the movement is problematic, then you can stretch your gloves into your right fitness. But if they your hands don’t fit in, you can’t stretch them enough.

There are some ways to stretching:

Wearing gloves on:

One simple solution is to wear your gloves and keep trying to move your hands inside them. The heat of your body and the fumes will possibly make the leather settle onto your hands.


Water can be dangerous to leather but only if you use too much. But if you get a soft towel soaked mildly in water and apply it slightly on your leather gloves and wear the semi wet gloves, they will stretch and settle in.

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